Saturday, April 11, 2009

Puppies for Adoption

A "friend of the frog's" has started doing great things at our local animal shelter. She became aware of the need for pet adoption and is working to do something about it! Kudos to her and may we all be inspired by her willingness to take action. In an effort to support her and the pups, we will post regular pics of puppies available for adoption. Just last week, a precious Schnauzer named Edward found a home rather than being put down.

The most recent adoption candidates are adorable!

These 5 pups are all male and the vet said 6 weeks old. They seem to have some lab and who knows what else? They are super cute and very playful. If you are looking to expand your family to include a furry playmate, or know someone who is, please contact:

Sarah Sullivan
901.476.6513 or

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