Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Store Closing

Greetings Froggie Friends,

We are writing with a story to tell. This story has 2 parts. One is happy and one is sad. As our Froggie Friends, we want you to hear the story first.

We’ll begin with the happy part! In November of 2005, a dream started at 115 W. Court Square. The freckled frog was born. We have literally been living that dream for the past 8 years. Coming to our shop every day still feels like something we "get" to do rather than something we "have" to do. Over the years, our store has seen lots of changes: ending consignment, creating a baby registry, expanding into furniture and bedding, moving to the highway, moving back to The Square, Debbie getting a new hip, Kendra moving to Florida AND moving back. Change is an inevitable part of life and we are about to embark on yet another. The time has come to start a new chapter of the freckled frog: an online chapter! Since we opened, the culture of shopping has drastically changed. With the increasing presence of online and Facebook boutiques, the children’s clothing market is more competitive than ever and people seem to be busier than ever. It seems only natural for us to take the freckled frog to the largest shopping venue, the World Wide Web at WWW.FRECKLED-FROG.COM. We will carry all of your favorites and baby must-haves: quilts, Kissy Kissy, bibs, diaper covers, satin crib shoes, Noodle & Boo, pearl bracelets and necklaces, Rosalina dolls and Stephen Joseph backpacks. Monogramming will still be available as well as free local delivery! Our website will be your go-to place for baby and birthday gifts!

In order for a new chapter to begin, one must end. This is the sad part of our story. We will be closing the brick and mortar store front on The Square. We can hardly remember life before "the frog" and aren’t sure what life will be like without it. It has been a most difficult decision, but ultimately, it is the direction the Lord has given us. Debbie is ready to semi-retire and Kendra will start a new adventure as a preschool teacher. It’s a bittersweet end-of-an-era.

The store closing process will begin the first of June and plan to complete the end of July. Everything is more fun with a party, so we will kick off the efforts with one final Hoppy Hour. Stay tuned for dates and details. Have a freckled frog gift card you’ve been saving? Don’t worry. Gift cards will be honored throughout the closing process and will continue to be honored on our website:

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being our Froggie Friend. You have made our dream a reality. We are nothing without our customers and we hope you will continue to Hop, Stop and Shop at


Debbie Apfel and Kendra Parr

(Please note: The website is not complete yet. We will make big, giant, HUGE announcement when it’s up and ready to shop!)

"All changes are more or less tinged with melancholy, for what we are leaving behind is part of ourselves." Amelia Barr

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